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more bad news (coverage) for Samwers

20 Feb

  “no fun” to work at Groupon After recent reports of the harsh management style of the Samwer brothers there is more bad news: Employees from Groupon Germany leaked emails in which they were threatened to be “stripped” of their director titles if they didn’t deliver on their tasks. Other employees report on a “no [...]

Samwer Blitzkrieg email as a song

20 Jan

  A song about the Blitzkrieg email storms into charts Before I cover this amusing little song I have to say that I tremendously respect what Oliver Samwer and his brothers have done for the German startup scene and how they build their companies (see my thoughts on the copycat discussion ). However, one often [...]

Ex-Rocket CEO founds new Incubator in Berlin

17 Jan

  Ex-Rocket CEO founds new Incubator in Berlin As we reported on December 18th, key employees (amongst them the CEO) left Rocket Internet Incubator among roumors that they were not happy how they were treated by the Samwer brothers. Now we learned that the former Rocket CEO Christian Weiß founded a new incubator in Berlin: [...]

Pinspire – the identical twin (clone) of Pinterest

1 Dec

  Rocket Internet, the incubator of the famous German internet brothers Samwers, has launched another clone of a successfull US website: Pinspire is nearly identical to pinterest. After many other clones (see my post on the German clone wars), most famous of all the amazing story of CityDeal and Groupon, the German internet scene is [...]

“Copycatfight”: 6Wunderkinder vs. Copycats

2 Nov

  what happened up till now: 6Wunderkinder pick a  fight… It all started roughly two months ago when 6Wunderkinder posted their “Anti-Copycat” revolution post basically claiming that certain startups and individuals had “ruined” the reputation of Berlin (and Germany) as an innvoative city, turning it into  ”copycat city”. The attacked companies came basically from the German [...]

Weekly Update – 2011/10/17-22: HRS, Shopify, Crowdpark, MyOma, ChicChickClub and a good Catfight

21 Oct

HRS buys hotel.de

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 17. to 22. of October. At the end of the post you will find important dates & happenings this week. HRS buys hotel.de One of the leading hotel booking sites in Germany, HRS, bought 61,1% of competitor listed company hotel.de at a price of € [...]