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Maschmeyer invests in Orderbird

10 May

  Orderbird raises “Millions” Through his personal investment fund ALSTIN Carsten Maschmeyer upped his investment in Berlin based start up Orderbird and bought an additional 24.800 stocks and therefore now owns over 30% of the stocks. He invested an undisclosed sum that is expected to be in the millions.  Orderbird offers cashier systems for restaurants that [...]

1 million dollar baby Amen

29 Mar

Amen 1.2

  Amen raises $1 m Amen, the much hyped Berlin based start up with it’s famous investor Ashton Kutcher, just recently announced another financing round by Sunstone Capital and has now raised nearly $3 million overall – quite a respectable sum. According to Petersen, the CEO of Amen, this financing round should cover the next [...]

New Incubator in Berlin: M Cube

14 Mar

  New Incubator:  first and foremost: I am sorry for not posting as often recently. Why? Cause I just launched my incubator. So this post is news and personal at once – and I promise to be more active now that the initial hectic starting phase is over. OK, to my incubator. She’s called M [...]

Weekly Update – 2012/01/01: Larovo, Dealnavigator, SoundCloud

3 Jan

  This is your update about the German startup scene – all that happened over the holidays 2011: Larovo – a digital sales person Larovo is pretty much a decide.com for Germany and aims to replicate the sales process of a sales person in a shop – for instance if you are interested in buying [...]

Suite101 closes Berlin office

24 Nov

  Content farm suite101 will close their Berlin office in December and therefore end all European ambitions. The company blames Google’s Panda-Update, which hit Germany in Feburary, as the main reason for their declining revenues. Suite101 supposedly was profitable until Feburary but after the update fell into negative terrain and could not recover in the [...]

Weekly Update – 2011/11/14: Berlin, Amazon Webservice, simfy, Mr. Wong, RegioHelden

14 Nov

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 7th to 13th of November.   Berlin, Berlin More and more startups are setting up shop in Berlin – and now big Tech is following: Amazon will set up their Web Services in Berlin and spotify is looking for a marketing manager in Berlin - [...]

“Copycatfight”: 6Wunderkinder vs. Copycats

2 Nov

  what happened up till now: 6Wunderkinder pick a  fight… It all started roughly two months ago when 6Wunderkinder posted their “Anti-Copycat” revolution post basically claiming that certain startups and individuals had “ruined” the reputation of Berlin (and Germany) as an innvoative city, turning it into  ”copycat city”. The attacked companies came basically from the German [...]