Maschmeyer invests in Orderbird

10 May


Orderbird raises “Millions”

Through his personal investment fund ALSTIN Carsten Maschmeyer upped his investment in Berlin based start up Orderbird and bought an additional 24.800 stocks and therefore now owns over 30% of the stocks. He invested an undisclosed sum that is expected to be in the millions. 

Orderbird offers cashier systems for restaurants that run on apple systems (ipad and iphone) and are easy to configure, grow with the expansion of any restaurant and are fairly inexpensive (compared to other sophisticated systems in the same space with own hardware). It can be used as an order and invoice service, but the same software also allows customers to book a table from their smartphones. An integration the accounting system is planned.

Overall Orderbird is a very innovative company and has already won several awards (Intergastra Innovationspreises 2012, enable2start, finalist at European Tech Startup Awards). 120 restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are already using their services.


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