1 million dollar baby Amen

29 Mar


Amen raises $1 m

Amen, the much hyped Berlin based start up with it’s famous investor Ashton Kutcher, just recently announced another financing round by Sunstone Capital and has now raised nearly $3 million overall – quite a respectable sum. According to Petersen, the CEO of Amen, this financing round should cover the next 1.5 yrs.

New Version of Amen

Amen 1.2Just in time for the financing news Amen also launched it’s 1.2 version – and fancy it is. Beyond text now you can also attach Fotos (to prove you found the biggest pumpkin, have the longest tongue or prettiest girlfriend). Also new: A connection to itunes, so if you say “No woman, no cry” is the best song ever, now you can connect it straight to itunes and even people who do not own the song can listen to a 30 sec. sample. If these useful features will kick start Amen is unclear as the user base still does not seem to be overly active – but to quote Petersen they still have over a year to change that.


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