New Incubator in Berlin: M Cube

14 Mar


New Incubator: M Cube

first and foremost: I am sorry for not posting as often recently. Why? Cause I just launched my incubator. So this post is news and personal at once – and I promise to be more active now that the initial hectic starting phase is over.

OK, to my incubator. She’s called M Cube, resides in the heart of hearts of Berlin (Kreuzberg) and is focused on the very early phase (pre-seed or seed). We, meaning the founders of check24 and I, want to help founders in Germany to not repeat the mistakes we made while building up our own startups. We want to give founders the most essential ingredient in the first couple of months: focus on your product.

What do we offer startups?
Money, Infrastructure and Advice. Startups get between 50.000 EUR to 200.000 EUR as seed investment. On top we offer them the entire necessary infrastructure: An office fully equipped with Internet and everything else. And, maybe most importantly, we coach them extensively and actually put on gloves ourselves and work as part of the team if needed. Our goal is to have founders focus fully on their product – without any distractions. In return we expect a prototype or proof of concept after one year – which is the time we kick startups out of their nests… and see if they can fly or not.

Why work with us?
We – the investors and the staff of M Cube – are all veteran startup people. All of us have founded at least one company, many are serial entrepreneurs, nearly all of the projects were successfull (see our projects – note: no copycats). Few people know the German startup scene longer than we do (13 yrs.). But most of all we are all passionate entrepreneurs and we want to see companies grow and customers happy – the financials are not our main focus.

That’s it for now, I shall keep you informed once our first projects will be launched (we currently have two projects in stealth).


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