more bad news (coverage) for Samwers

20 Feb


“no fun” to work at Groupon

After recent reports of the harsh management style of the Samwer brothers there is more bad news: Employees from Groupon Germany leaked emails in which they were threatened to be “stripped” of their director titles if they didn’t deliver on their tasks. Other employees report on a “no fun” work atmosphere and constant pressure, unreachable goals and dealines and people getting fired after one day after (supposedly) leaving McKinsey┬á or similar well paid jobs only to find them on the streets after a few days at groupon. To round it all off, at (rating site for employers) groupon scores quite badly.

Now how much about these reports is true is very unclear. But the recent flood of bad news coverage about the Samwers and Rocket Internet (copycatfight, financing troubles, Blitzkrieg & blood mail, Key employees jump ship) is definitely not helping to attract further talent. And now that they plan to raise 1 billion dollars to build (copy) companies and therefore urgently need a lot young and talented people many successfull McKinsey consultants etc. will ask themselves if it is better to yelled at by a rocket Internet CEO in sneakers than their McKinsey partner in Italian leather shoes….


PS: also see this rant at Twist (German startup meeting) bashing the copycats


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    act with respect: sustainable capitalism is the only sustainable success

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