Samwers and the billion Dollar questions

6 Feb


How to raise 1 billion dollars

As the German Magazine “Focus” reported today, the Samwer brothers are still trying to raise 1 billion USD in order to “keep up” with the US development of Internet based business models. However, after a flood of press coverage concerning the management style as well as a publicly leaked email with a rather unfortunate wording it seems many interested investors jumped ship and abandoned plans to fund rocket Internet. Supposedly Yuri Milner, the Russian super investor, also backed off and is not willing to get associated with a Samwer business style.

Now it seems the Samwer brothers are looking for a new kind of investor – one that is not so picky about “how” the business is being conducted – and seem to have found that kind of investor in state backed funds like Abu Dhabi Investment Authorty or Temasek Holdings of Singapore.


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