Samwer Blitzkrieg email as a song

20 Jan


A song about the Blitzkrieg email storms into charts

Before I cover this amusing little song I have to say that I tremendously respect what Oliver Samwer and his brothers have done for the German startup scene and how they build their companies (see my thoughts on the copycat discussion ). However, one often hears that employees – even at CEO level – are often treated contemptuously by the Samwers. Only recently many of the top people at the Samwers incubator Rocket Internet left to build up their own incubator – many of them stating that they were not happy how they were being treated.

Then the Blitzkrieg email made it to the press – and was even covered by techcrunch and other influential sites. The email is a great read – but now it was turned into a tune. A fake Oliver Samwer is singing with a thick German accent the best parts of his email…. but listen for yourself, it’s quite entertaining:

(obviously on Soundcloud, one of the signers of the Anti-Samwer-Copycat manifesto)


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