Ex-Rocket CEO founds new Incubator in Berlin

17 Jan


Ex-Rocket CEO founds new Incubator in Berlin

As we reported on December 18th, key employees (amongst them the CEO) left Rocket Internet Incubator among roumors that they were not happy how they were treated by the Samwer brothers. Now we learned that the former Rocket CEO Christian Weiß founded a new incubator in Berlin: Project A Ventures. The investor behind the project is one of Germany’s biggest retailers, Otto, supposedly pumping several millions Euros into the project.

On the temporary website (dubbed The Oryx Project) of the new incubator we can read that they are looking for innovative and motivated people. Unfortunatly they are also looking for people “who want to build up projects which have already been successfull in other markets”. So they might continue the copycat tradition that made rocket internet famous.


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