Weekly Update – 2011/12/18: Artflakes, rocket internet, Ladenzeile, Springer, mylugo, doo, bonusbox

18 Dec


This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 1. till 12th of December (two weeks this time due to my holiays ;) )




Artflakes goes USA

Artflakes, a Berlin based online marketplace for art, will expand it’s marketplace to the US. According to artflakes co-founder Mathias Fiedler 75% of artflakes traffic is international and therefore they will expand step by step into international markets. Over 35.000 proeffsional and amateur artists offer their art on artflakes.




Rocket internet plans “huge cloning fund” but loses key employees

Roumors are that the Samwer brothers, brains behind Berlins most famous incubator “rocket internet”, are trying to raise USD 1 billion (!) in order to create a massive cloning fund expected to clone every promising US startup on an international level. But just this information was leaked it became also known that about 30 managers left the company, amongst them one of the founders of rocket internet (Christian Weiss) and many others in key positions. Supposedly many where unhappy with the management style within rocket internet as well as the “factory style” in which startups were being created (or cloned). Also see this interesting article on techcrunch Europe.


Springer paysEUR 40m for Ladenzeile.de

More from rocket internet: Ladenzeile.de, a start-up initiated two years ago, was recently sold to Springer for EUR 40m – another successfull exit for the Samwer brothers. Ladenzeile.de is a meta-search engine for shoes, fashion, toys, furniture comestics and watches. Springer, which recently also bought kaufda.de, is building up an interesting e-commerce portfolio.


doo closes EUR 5m financing round

Bonn based doo, a “multi plattform document organization software” which aims to make the paperless office easily possible for everyone announced that they have successfully closed a EUR 5m financing round – even before their software is even in public beta! DuMont Venture, Lars Hinrichs and Hermann Simon are the investors. Jörg Binnenbrücker of Lead Investor DuMont said after the financing round:  “We rarely see disruptive software innovation in Europe with the potential to become a major global player. We are thrilled to work with the founders to create a revolutionary and beautiful product that we will use daily in our personal and professional lives” – Hinrichs added:  ”I love to see software innovation in Europe and I strongly believe in the management team and their vision of a great consumer software for document management – and, after all, I need the product for myself!”. Can’t wait to try it!


Game over for mylugo

mylugo.de was once an ambitious project by former Alta-Vista manager Schmitz and Google manager Meyer. Their aim was to create a “safe” online marketplace by forcing merchants to accept very customer friendly terms and conditions as well as thoroughly checking each merchant.


bonusbox closes financing round

bonusbox.me , a Berlin based facebook marketing company, closed a seed-stage financing round with Wellington Partners leading the financing round. Bonusbox offers merchants a facebook loyality program and the young company has already aquired the first merchant customers successfully using their service. 


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