Weekly Update – 2011/11/4: aspot.at, Amen, Gameforge, Gidsy, myhammer

6 Nov


This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 31. of October to 4. of November.

Airbnb for offices: aSpot.at

aSpot.at will soon provide a “airbnb” service for office space – so if you need a temporary desk with wifi in Berlin (or Germany), check it out. Will launch November 2011.


Amen or Hell no?

Joel Kaczmarek, Chief editor of German startup blog gruenderszene.de, wrote a review of Amen basically claiming that many users sign up but after briefly using it quickly lose interest. He backs it up with numbers claiming amen’s 25.000 users post 1.700 statements a day – a very low count per user. Felix Peterson, CEO of Amen, countered in a blog post that Joel had all the numbers wrong and generally did not research properly. The infighting in Berlin seems to continue…


Gameforge axes 15% of staff

after acquiring frogster last year, gameforge is restructuring it’s game development unit, focusing on the in-house development of browser games. Gameforge currently operates 20 browser games and has 300 million players world wide.


Gidsy is online

much hyped Berlin startup Gidsy.com finally went online this week. Gidsy enables people to offer any kind of activities – or as gidsy calls it – authentic experiences. You can book these activities online. Currently gidsy’s focus is on Berlin and New York, more cities shall follow.


CEO of myhammer quits

the trouble of myhammer continues: CEO Markus Berger-de León quit the company. Myhammer is a marketplace for all kinds of services, focusing on services of handymen.


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