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Weekly Update – 2011/11/28:, Suite101, chicchickclub, Hojokoi, Echtzeit

30 Nov

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 21st to 28th of November. opens it’s first German bus line DeinBus, a startup organizing travelers to rent and share a bus via internet, opened their first regular bus line after a legal victory over Deutsche Bahn that finally allowed them [...]

Suite101 closes Berlin office

24 Nov

  Content farm suite101 will close their Berlin office in December and therefore end all European ambitions. The company blames Google’s Panda-Update, which hit Germany in Feburary, as the main reason for their declining revenues. Suite101 supposedly was profitable until Feburary but after the update fell into negative terrain and could not recover in the [...]

chicchickclub online

24 Nov

  Berlin: Team Europe – a Berlin based Incubator – today launched it’s shoe website . It is pretty much a clone of the US based, women first answer a “style check” and then offers a monthly subscription for € 49.95. Each months women get a Newsletter with customized shoes from which they [...]

Kizoo invests “significant six digit figure” in Hojokoi

22 Nov

  Early stage investor Kizoo Technology Ventures invested a significant six digit figure (sources claim about EUR 400K) in Hojokoi. Hojoki from Chemnitz calls itself a “Cloud app aggregator” (see their webcast to understand what they mean) – they basically provide a unified inbox to cloud apps like Google Docs, Dropbox, Highrise and more.  The launch date [...]

Interested in startups in Berlin? Apply for “Echtzeit Berlin” (12/7/2011)

22 Nov

  On December 12th 200 Investors, Business Angels and Entrepreneurs get together in Berlin. But it is invitation only – so try to get a ticket by contacting Alexander Hüsing (ahuesing… oh and yes, they are still looking for sponsors (which will guarantee you a ticket!)  

Weekly Update – 2011/11/20: 6Wunderkinder, Upcload, tamyca, Xing, Wetab, Amen

22 Nov

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 14. -20. November. 6Wunderkinder receive big money One of Berlin’s Darlings, 6Wunderkinder, announced that Niklas Zennström (co-founder of Skype) has invested $4.2 m through his venture capital firm Atomico. 6Wunderkinder are expected to launch their much antcipated “Wunderkit” soon – the cash should [...]

Weekly Update – 2011/11/14: Berlin, Amazon Webservice, simfy, Mr. Wong, RegioHelden

14 Nov

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 7th to 13th of November.   Berlin, Berlin More and more startups are setting up shop in Berlin – and now big Tech is following: Amazon will set up their Web Services in Berlin and spotify is looking for a marketing manager in Berlin - [...]

Weekly Update – 2011/11/4:, Amen, Gameforge, Gidsy, myhammer

6 Nov

  This is your weekly update about the German startup scene – 31. of October to 4. of November. Airbnb for offices: will soon provide a “airbnb” service for office space – so if you need a temporary desk with wifi in Berlin (or Germany), check it out. Will launch November 2011.   [...]

“Copycatfight”: 6Wunderkinder vs. Copycats

2 Nov

  what happened up till now: 6Wunderkinder pick a  fight… It all started roughly two months ago when 6Wunderkinder posted their “Anti-Copycat” revolution post basically claiming that certain startups and individuals had “ruined” the reputation of Berlin (and Germany) as an innvoative city, turning it into  ”copycat city”. The attacked companies came basically from the German [...]